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Destined to sing

Emma is a diverse performer who regularly performs across the Sunshine Coast while studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries, Majoring in Music, at the University of Sunshine Coast. Emma has been recognised as a high-performance music student and her studies support her emerging music career.

At the age of eight Emma’s trajectory into a music career was initiated when she joined Michelle Crawford’s Performing Arts School as their youngest singer. For the 2008 end of the year performance Emma sang for the first time on stage at the Gold Coast Performing Arts Centre in front of 400 people, an experience she will never forget.

“In that moment I knew this was my passion and that I was destined to be a musician and songwriter”


Since that time Emma has sung on many stages and been coached in a wide variety of genres to become the diverse singer she is today. She is equally at home singing pop, contemporary pop, hip-hop, jazz, alternative and rock as she is with musical theatre, classical, opera and rhythm & blues. Emma credits the likes of Pink, Sia, Beyonce, and Hilltop Hoods for her inspiration.

At 14 years old Emma was coached by opera singer and one of Australia’s best-loved sopranos, Maggie Noonan, and adapted to a new style of singing – Belcanto  – ‘beautiful singing’ in Italian. This style has enabled her to sing with classical technique and in any genre or style she chooses.

“As well as refining my voice Maggie changed my perspective on singing. I look to her as an inspiration; she is the reason I sing like I do today.”

In her short career Emma has made numerous appearances and today performs regularly across the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. However she has also sung on the national stage appearing on Channel Ten’s Creative Generation and The X-Factor at aged fourteen. Emma was also inducted as a member into the Noosa Chamber of Commerce as Mentor for Young Musicians in January 2019.

ambassador for autism australia

In December 2019 Emma was nominated as a young ambassador for Autism Queensland (ASD), a recogition which came after she painted her ‘Blue Haired Girl’ which she hopes will spread the message of diversity & embracing difference and awareness of high functioning girls on the spectrum.

“So many girls on the spectrum fall through the cracks and my painting,  The Blue Haired Girl, says that being different makes a difference”.

As a role model and advocate for young women and girls on the autism spectrum, Emma’s vision is to spread more awareness about girls and young women with ASD. She wants to encourage acceptance at school, at tertiary education and in the workplace and to celebrate their difference. 

Emma’s message is that people on the Autism are just like everyone else but with a neurological disorder that wires them differently. Having those differences can mean they are highly intelligent beings in how they think and process.

“I see myself as an advocate for females with ASD & disabilities, as I have shown that with determination & love you can achieve your dreams”.

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