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Ever since the age of 8 years old performing her first song on stage with Michelle CRawfords Performing Arts School at the Gold Coast Performing Arts Centre in 2008, Emma believed her dream would become a reality with her rare gift. Her raw talent of what started from passionately singing and dancing since the age of 5, by the age of 13 became a professional pursuit. Now 21 year old singer/songwriter Emma Tomlinson is an independent artist who uniquely blends pop, pop-classical cross over, RnB and alternative pop to another level. In her short career, Emma has made numerous appearances and today performs regularly across the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and Brisbane. However she has sung on the national stage appearing on Channel ten’s Creative Generation, The X-Factor 2014 at age 14, Buskers by the Creek 2015, Headlining in Noosa Alive International Festival 2019, Australian Event Awards 2018 and recently auditioned for The Voice 2020. Despite COVID-19, Emma successfully completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries; Majoring in Music and Minoring in Drama and Social media at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  She was awarded the High Performance Music Student scholarship, training alongside some of Australia’s best athletes with tailored career and academic support.

Having being mentored by Australian Opera singer Maggie Noonan in classical training of ‘Bel Canto’, former band member of the Church Peter Koppers and Music Lecturer Andy Ward, she has taken the next step in her recording/performing career by releasing her first ever EP, Aquarius, and newest single CONTROL on streaming platforms. The young Artist’s motto with her music is that “being different makes a difference” which she promotes as an official ambassador for Autism Queensland.

ambassador for autism 

In December 2019 Emma was named a young ambassador for Autism Queensland (ASD), a recogition which came after she painted her ‘Blue Haired Girl’ , apainting which she hopes will spread the message of diversity and highlight awareness of high functioning girls on the spectrum.

“So many girls on the spectrum fall through the cracks and my painting, “The Blue Haired Girl”, illustrates that being different makes a difference”.

Emma’s vision is to spread more awareness about young women and girls with ASD. She wants to encourage acceptance at school, at tertiary education and in the workplace and to celebrate their difference. Her message is that people on the Autism spectrum are just like everyone else but neurologically are wired differently. They casn be highly intelligent in how they think and process.

Emma’s artwork of the ‘Blue Haired Girl’ has been reproduced on a tote bag and is available for sale HERE as a fund-raiser for Autism Queensland.

“I see myself as an advocate for females with ASD and that with determination & love you can achieve your dreams”.

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