Highlight single release, ‘Rosemary’
Released May 20th 2020

“AQUARIUS”… named after her astrological sign, it is a befitting first EP title for Emma Tomlinson, given the subject of the songs are ‘her story’.

Created by Travis Macfarlane, the watery EP cover encapsulates the sign of Aquarius – the water bearer. Aquarius is also known to aspire to change the world through social progress, a subject close to Emma’s heart in her work with Autism Queensland.

‘Rosemary’ is one of five original recorded songs on the EP and sets the tone for the entire ‘Aquarius’ EP. Written when Emma was 18, Rosemary is the perfect introduction to her musical flavour.

“Rosemary is about loving someone who you thought loved you in return, but soon found that they were playing with your head and your heart, manipulating and controlling you. It is about realising they had intentions elsewhere, that person being ‘Rosemary’.”

To hear this and the rest of the songs on the EP, purchase Emma Tomlinson’s CD ‘Aquarius’ below.


“I hope that Rosemary is not just a song people love listening to but a song they can communicate their own story through and how it relates to their circumstances.”


“GHOST” turns up the volume and sets an original yet relatable tone of anxiety; the theme of overthinking and self-expression.

Thank you to the Queensland Government Arts Queensland, Regional Arts Development Funding and Noosa Shire Council for believing in my work and helping me with this project. Another massive thank you to James North Productions for producing my work and bringing it to life, Peter Koppes for featuring on my EP and being a fantastic mentor. Travis MacFarlane for the gorgeous development of my artwork with the beautiful Blooms of Noosa and Brand House Co for design, marketing and creation of my website.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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